Anna Von Hausswolff

proper good isn’t she
reminds me of loads of other artists without really sounding like any of them

reckon the new one could be AOTY based on the first couple of tracks


this is gorgeous

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Yeah really excited to hear it. Based on this: it appears to have leaked already and is getting good scores.

She’s one of those artists that I really like, especially ceremony, but probably haven’t listened to as much as I’d like.

Yeah Ceremony is definitely one of the best of albums of the last 10 years.

Usually try not to listen to new album songs in drips and drabs but couldn’t resist.

Heard this for the first time the other day.

Really good.


Funeral for my future children is probably my favourite though.

I saw her play that at Lincoln Cathedral. Some dude drove all the way up from Somerset to be there.

I was there too! Didn’t realise it was the same thing.

I drove from West Yorkshire, was my first time driving on the motorway.

She’s so intense live, really good.

She announced some European dates the other day too - the only UK show is in London in March.

Wow, this new album is special.


Saw her supporting Swans. Incredible concert.

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AVH used a photo I took of her at Oslo in London as her FB profile pic. I didn’t even think it was that great of a photo and it was a cropped but still :grinning:


yeah this is great


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So happy at this as I missed her at Supersonic this year due to ‘stuff’. Old Empire seem to be on good form at the moment with supports and things.

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Bought Dead Magic on the strength of reading this thread and it’s became one of my favourite albums of the last 10 years. Incredible stuff. Might go to the Glasgow one to catch her live.


Very good, played for a little under an hour in Bristol. Slightly less good than at Supersonic, she’s playing with a 4 piece at the moment but they still sound massive.

The current live incarnation of SunnO))) is excellent too, think they’re better without Attila.

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Very well, she alternated between quite droney stuff and pounding stuff with two drummers that was quite a lot like post-reunion Swans.


That sounds brilliant.


Playing London (Union Chapel) in May!


Where’s the info?

Can’t see it anywhere.