Annoying (Banal?)


@Antpocalypsenow you know what’s annoying, Anderson Paak’s playing in the UK next year but only as a support on Bruno Mars’ tour. And no way am I paying £daft to see him playing a 40 minute set in a horrible big arena. I want to see Anderson Paak!

50 minutes for me, lads


Majestic Wine are either the most or least helpful business depending on who picks up the phone. No middle ground.




don’t lie, Dave, you big daft cunt


Hello Aggzy, I’m not as annoyed by this as I was by the Outkast Bruno Mars support slot but I am relatively annoyed by it (I’m also annoyed by having to give up my ticket to see him at XOYO earlier this year)

Pretty sure he’ll do a normal LDN date while he’s over though.


If he does can you let me know immediately please




Just pretended to be interested in a job so they’d send through the details because I’m nosy, and the details don’t include the salary. Rubbish.


got a massive bogey that I really want to pick




Just do it! Who’s to judge?


I’ve been unpacking crates of books all day. I am exhausted.

Why is Milton Keynes


One of the great questions of our time.


sadly with their protective roundabouts stopping all satnavs, we will never get inside to find out :frowning:


heading over to a mates in a bit for dinner etc. he wants us to watch Gravity in 3d. I don’t want to watch gravity in any d.

not sure whether I come right out with this, or play it by ear.

he is a sensitive man


and no, I’m not going round to @xylo 's gaff


Just woke up. Having a baileys coffee for breakfast. Lets get thanksgiving started right.


…pal aren’t you the guy that every few threads accuses everyone of overreacting and then says ‘see ya’ and runs off?

I mean I get i have a legacy of being rizla skinned on here from waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back, sure. But… your pot and kettle situation here is a tough one


absolutely perfect reply bud


Thank you! <3