Annoying (Banal?)

@anon5266188 you know what’s annoying, Anderson Paak’s playing in the UK next year but only as a support on Bruno Mars’ tour. And no way am I paying £daft to see him playing a 40 minute set in a horrible big arena. I want to see Anderson Paak!

50 minutes for me, lads



don’t lie, Dave, you big daft cunt

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Hello Aggzy, I’m not as annoyed by this as I was by the Outkast Bruno Mars support slot but I am relatively annoyed by it (I’m also annoyed by having to give up my ticket to see him at XOYO earlier this year)

Pretty sure he’ll do a normal LDN date while he’s over though.

If he does can you let me know immediately please


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Just pretended to be interested in a job so they’d send through the details because I’m nosy, and the details don’t include the salary. Rubbish.

got a massive bogey that I really want to pick


Just do it! Who’s to judge?


I’ve been unpacking crates of books all day. I am exhausted.

Why is Milton Keynes

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One of the great questions of our time.

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heading over to a mates in a bit for dinner etc. he wants us to watch Gravity in 3d. I don’t want to watch gravity in any d.

not sure whether I come right out with this, or play it by ear.

he is a sensitive man

and no, I’m not going round to @xylo 's gaff

Just woke up. Having a baileys coffee for breakfast. Lets get thanksgiving started right.

absolutely perfect reply bud