Annoying gig clashes (rolling)

sometimes there’s no good gigs for weeks or months, and then three come along on the same night!

document such irritating occasions below

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causes me genuine great levels of stress sometimes

not had any lately though

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Death Cab for Cutie and Wave Pictures playing here on the same night. Only seen them once before each, and would love to go support WP again - but DCFC are playing a much better venue than last time, so that’s an easy one

Seeing Young Fathers for the first time, on my birthday, is gonna be excellent. But slightly annoyed to find out that Shame are playing the same night given i’ve missed them a couple times now - and the support is They Hate Change, which would be a blast

also had Stereolab (at a great venue) and Fontaines DC (at a shit venue) clash two weeks ago

let them both sell out though so i couldn’t make either, which is a solution of sorts

Pavement were meant to clash with Gilla Band’s London date in October, but then Gilla Band cancelled the single show and announced three at smaller venues, of which I got to two of them. Very grateful for that.


Bill Callahan announcing a show at the Brudenell on the same night as Kendrick was in Leeds, which I already had tickets for, was a heartbreaker. One of my favourite artists playing at one of the best venues, I reckon there’s very few clashes where I wouldn’t have sold my ticket and gone to Bill.

Kendrick was incredible and the reports from the Callahan show were mixed, so I made the right decision, but still really frustrating.

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Ha, did exactly the same with Fontaines DC and Wet Leg last month. Joys of being indecisive.

Only other one this year was CMAT and Open Mike Eagle, went Open Mike and managed to catch CMAT at Primavera

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You defo made the right call there. That Callahan gig is probably my worst of all time. Compounded by Kendrick and the Bug being in town that night.

Peel Dream Magazine at Folklore Rooms is the same night as Delgados at the Concorde. I already had a ticket for the latter when I accidentally bought a ticket for the former. Not sure which I’ll go , although I have seen the Delgados a few times (albeit twenty odd years ago)