Annoying noises and the people who make them

Just stumbled across this and it’s really something

Think I’ve only heard of the first few.

All that creepy ASMR whispering shit done by creeps FOR creeps


Should add found the article whilst trying to find out why somebody I know “pops” all the time. Didn’t solve the mystery

gonna start doing more of these


I sigh all the time, particularly when I’m stressed

My Norwegian relos are huge on 7.

Does not annoy me.

Deep breaths - Matt Bellamy


Without checking the list again, is that saying yes on in-breath? We’re crazy for that over here

Fortis voiceless alveopalatal fricative is my favourite Tool song

I sigh more and more the older I get. By the time I’m 60 sighing will be my main form of communication/expression


Yup. They do it all the time. We do impressions of it when they are not about.

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I’m down to my last packet of Smash from my summer visit. Feeling pretty bad about it.

Wish I had some now

Gonna sigh deeply and make lots of annoying sounds about it

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I’m now feeling somewhat self-conscious about my sighing habit, it’s pretty much constant.

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Reckon for a proper old-person sigh it needs to be combined with a mop-of-the-brow with a handkerchief

  • I make old people ‘eeeh’ or ‘aaah’ noises when i sit down in an armchair
  • I sit down in silence

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I just sort of creak and sign and click and groan about the place like an asthmatic dinosaur.


crepitus five :raised_hand:

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I have some weird idiopathic thing where I don’t notice that my breathing is becoming progressively more shallow until -suddenly- deep sighing.
(My phone suggested ‘derp sighing’. That’s very rude, phone, bordering on ableist.)


I sometimes sit next to someone who cracks his fingers every couple of minutes, actually infuriating