Annoying or fine [Polls]


Landlord emails once a month going ‘hi!! just checking in. How’s everything going with the flat?’

  • Annoying
  • Fine

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Now you!


Person on the train gets all in a huff with you because you’re taking the aisle seat forcing them to get past you to sit in the window seat (a specialty of mine)

am I being:

  • Annoying
  • Fine, totally fine and reasonable

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Landlord never emails, doesn’t do anything you ask of them rendering your life a misery

  • Annoying
  • Fine

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One of my pet peeves, particularly on a busy service. Unless you’re getting off at the next station, then it makes sense.

See also people that get huffy when you ask them to put their bag on the overhead rack to free up a seat.


pray we never bump into each other on public transport!

got bad knees, and its a very very minor inconvenience for them to sit in the window aisle. Always offer to get up and let them in too ahead of them requesting to sit down.


Thing is tho, if things werent fine he’s the first person i’d tell


tube train comes to a halt, everyone remains holding on to the rails.

  • solidly annoying
  • very annoying
  • i will raze your homestead

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my massively increased presence on the boards over the past 3 months post handing in notice:

  • Annoying
  • Fine

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Okay - so that’s fine - if someone actively makes space for me to get past, that’s all good. It’s when they make it a colossal battle that I get narky.



  • Annoying
  • Fine

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nah would never do that!


i’ve come to realise that its not only fine, but absolutely essential. (been enjoying bossing people around in my playlist thread)


Also, the heaters blasting out hot air are often by the window too. I’m not going to sit there if I can help it.


I’m torn here - I’d definitely assume the person is being a massive ballbag (no offence) but I do far prefer the window seat anyway


no. when people are trying to leave the train those gormless mouthbreathers are stood in the way, hanging like plastic monkeys


Colleague continues to ask you if you want a cup of tea even though you haven’t said yes to one all year

  • Annoying
  • Fine

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Goobers ruining poll threads by making an uninvited change to the format

  • Annoying
  • Fine

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made a guy look like a complete prick on the train once. He was standing really close to me on the aisle, deliberately pushing his bag against my face and I was like, hey dude whats the deal with the bag pushing! and he gets all indignant about me sitting in the aisle seat and I was like, didn’t notice you dude, you just needed to ask, and then moved aside and he had to sit next to me like a fucking dickhead for the rest of the journey.



did you know that goober means peanut?