Annoying things about your friends

(but obviously you love them!!!)

My friend who I meet after work sometimes finishes work at 6. I finish at 5.


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They’ve all had babies and are therefore fairly boring


Alex is always 45 minutes late, to the extent that the rest of us communicate in AST (Alex Standard time, GMT + 45 minutes) when arranging to meet and do stuff.


This would be pretty much the one for me too. Most of my old uni friends are ridiculous high achievers, so when we go out for drinks every now and again they always rock up hours after me, by which time I’ve usually got myself semi-plastered.

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I reckon if I added up the time in my life I’ve spent just “waiting” for one of my closest friends, either waiting for him to arrive to a thing or waiting around till he’s ready to leave for a thing, it would be getting towards like a fortnight or so. Extremely unpunctual man.

One of the guys at my badminton club is a casual racist; have to keep correctly him.

One of the other guys at my badminton club plays golf.

Oh another one has a housemate who is a twat and every now and then he invites him to stuff.

Surely AST is GMT -45 mins?

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Poor @rich-t :disappointed:


This same friend is always lost! So even if we agree to meet at HER time, she’ll call me 10 mins late going I’M LOST

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It’s when we expect Alex to show up, so 45 minutes later. So if we’re all meeting at the pub we’ll tell Alex we’ll be there at 6 GMT but actually aim to be there at 6 AST so we all show up at the same time.

Tbf the men generally get to still have lives it’s the women…

OH I’m with you

A lot of them have other hobbies, or at least they use other hobbies as an excuse not to come out for a drink.

Fancy a pint on Saturday, Richy? Sorry mate, I’m sailing this weekend.
Fancy a pint on Friday night, Dave? Sorry - I’m cycling on Saturday and I’ve got an early start.

Unless they’re trying to tell me something…

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With their maternal bond and nutritional breasts. DAMN THEM!

I’m pulling your leg, I’ve not seen a few pals recently because they’ve had babies.

They’re telling you to get a hobby Rob

People in (city) graduate jobs assuming everyone has the same amount of money as them. Stop it

Still quite big boozers, which is a bit tiresome at times (mainly as I can’t handle the hangovers).

They all left university and got high-earning jobs, now they own their places and have loads of disposable income for going out and having nice holidays (also they don’t have kids yet).

Bloody hell crisps, it’s been a while! Y’alright pal?