Annoying things certain TV personalities say far, far too often


but aren’t catchphrases

This is inspired by me not being able to ignore how often John Torode describes a meal as ‘a wonderful, wonderful thing’ or ‘a lovely, lovely thing’


Torode - “A lovely, lovely thing” was exactly what was in my mind when I read the thread title.

Gordon ‘Rambo’ Ramsey - “Damn”


paxman: ‘COME ON!’


It’s very annoying but what is good is his obvious and justified hatred of gregg wallace


He was best man at (one of) his wedding(s)


damn, damn, damn!


Have started to notice that when Glenn Hoddle is co-commentating that he will always say something like “He’s really good” or “That was really skilful” and follow it with “He really really is” or “it really really was”.


Well I doubt gregg Wallace has many friends (imo gregg thinks they’re pals but torode fucking hates him)




A lovely, lovely headline


Every time Richard Keogh is interviewed by Radio Derby he is guaranteed to start one of his responses to a question with the phrase “Yeah-no- like you say”



Andy ‘Better’ Townsend


Dara O’Briain or Graham Norton after delivering a punchline:




Not for me, Clive.


Just realised that Glenn Hoddle is Frank Sidebottom.


Spoiler tagged in case of auto-play, but “Here’s a one-minute supercut of big Gordon Ramsay going: “X? More like Y!” Some great stuff in here!”



I absolutely love him