Annoying Traits You've Recently Picked Up

Started saying ‘got enough X, m8’ if I see someone with a lot of X thing.

Eat smelly food at my desk a lot, recently (mainly hot roast chicken from sainsbos)


if anything i’ve become too nice

now that I’m at home with 'rents for a bit, I’ve also re-started my thing of asking my sister really inane questions about her life and what she’s doing. like really specific details about her day or friends etc.

fucking love it.

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if anything i’ve become too sexually attractive

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I use the word spudatoes instead of potatoes. I can’t actually stop myself and it is annoying even for me.

jesus christ, man.


I’ve started spelling out terms in brackets in work that have no need to be explained liked email (electronic mail).

this is really a specific case of acting the goat which is not at all a recent phenomenon.

are you this guy?

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incredible :smiley:

It is actually becoming a problem.

Started doing this a lot on the phone:

Me: "hello how are you"
Them: "good thanks and yourself?"
Me: “yeah not bad ta. how are you?”

Just asking people how they are is annoying isn’t it but I keep asking them AGAIN!

its fine.