Annoying words that are only used by lefty journalists and smug people on Twitter






michael carrick






Headlining the Old Blue Last next month.


probably got put through a few times with all those cricket balls flying about


damn those smug liberal elites using words like nuance that no one else has ever even heard of


This is more about how people can develop gaps in their vocabulary, and how certain words are used more online than in real life.

You’ve never heard the word pejorative said aloud, for instance.


i actually used pejorative in conversation last week, sorry man.




“bill said the usb lead had a female connector he done a microaggression all over stacy’s face”

pc gone bloody mad


In the cafe?




definitely heard all those words said aloud.


Ooooh, this is a good post.


Find smug boasting like this quite problematic.




I find the wording this post a bit pejorative. It lacks a certain nuance. I hope to see a return of normalcy on these normally welcoming boards.


Seriously though i think Normalcy is a Americanism and nuance is well a really quite common word that serves a very practical purpose. Cant really think of a way to replace it which doesnt sound more clumsy.

Pejorative… nah seems a but silly to use it. 90% of the time its used pretentiously.


been trying to force it in every time i’ve seen someone mention it.