Annoying your partner *Official Thread*



How are you getting on since the last thread?
Found any new ways to really bug them?

Friday afternoon stats thread - Nice Posts

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She swears she heard an owl in the garden, so I’m insisting that it was a pigeon and she can’t tell the difference. That’s really winding her up.

Also whenever she says she’s seen a black squirrel I tell her it was just a grey one that was a bit dirty.


This is actually annoying me and I’m not even involved.


If she gets a haircut and is fishing for me to notice it I keep asking her if she’s got new glasses.

She got new glasses last week so I asked her if she’d had a haircut, because it looked nice.

Shaved head

He gets very angry if I leave the hairbrush on my bed. So I’ll purposefully make my bed super nice and place the hairbrush in the middle for when he’s gonna be round.


These threads are always fun and good, thanks Meo!



Original Thread!


Nope, no sarcasm. They’re great, I wish I could contribute as an annoyer as opposed to an annoyee though


How does she annoy you though big man?

Could be helpful stuff / we can all side with her, call her brilliant and laugh at you! :slight_smile:


Singing Christmas songs throughout the year is a particularly annoying one, think other examples wouldn’t really be relevant to the thread as they’re not (as far as I know) deliberate acts (stacking the washing up wrong etc etc)


Pretended our hips were magnetised while walking round the Pompidou Centre on Sunday. Then pressed a ‘button’ which flipped the pole of my hip so they repelled so we couldn’t stand close together any more.


He’s moved to a new house with a big living room window onto a main street (even tho he’s on the 1st floor) so I try to pull down his trousers and pants as much as possible in front of the window. He said I shouldn’t do this or even joke about him being naked in front of a window as he thinks he could be arrested? I don’t think you can be arrested for being naked in your own home tho.


I’m away with work often, so when I get back I’ve taken to yelling ‘I’m home! I’ve missed you so much!’ then ignoring her, walking past her and cuddling the cat.


Very fond of this.


She is not


Just checked the old thread, I did that tampon lark the other week so at least I’m consistent.


Pretend to bum her any time she bends over