Annoying your partner *Official Thread*



My girlfriend clocked quite early, because Android shortens ‘okay’ to ‘OK’.


OK is considered correct English if you’re working in book publishing.


Okay comes from OK, but I’ve always used the former, so it looks like the latter is a deliberate truncating of it.


She was about to beat me at scrabble for the 5th time in our 5 year relationship until I played glitter on a triple word for a bingo with my last turn for 80 points.
I’m trying really hard to not be smug but I think it’s making it worse



Not sure I’ve got the strength to resist this temptation


absolutely say no problem, mate, either way




We get to choose debit card pictures for the new joint account*. I’m insisting on getting this for mine:

She can’t tell if I’m joking and it’s really getting to her.



What is this joint account?


Joint DiS login


Are you suggesting she’s gullible?



When she’s already sat on the sofa, sitting down, putting the cat on my lap and saying ‘oh can you pass me x? The cat is on me’


my family all use “can’t get up, cat is sitting on me” as an excuse to get others to fetch things for them, but none of them have yet tried putting the cat on them in order to use that excuse


Best thing is it works. Even if she’s been sat down and it’s obvious she’ll just huff and still do it


Her: “How did you sleep?”
Me: “On my back.”


“I closed my eyes and drifted off.”

“I don’t know, I was asleep.”


I’ll try those.


Currently living at her parents’ while our purchase goes through - probably a far greater example of ‘Annoying your partner’ than I could ever hope to inflict on her tbf.

For one reason or other they have a child-sized knife and fork in the drawer, I keep giving these to the TV when setting the table.


I used to do a similar thing with my daughters’ clothing when I was sorting out the washing. I would hold up a five year old’s t shirt or skirt and ponder out loud “now I wonder who this belongs to? Hmmm, tricky”. The TV, who is rather petite would be outraged and beat me up. Good Times.

Doesn’t work any more sadly. My daughters are now teenagers and the same size as the TV and so when I sort out the washing I genuinely have to ponder who the clothes belong to.