Annoying your partner *Official Thread*

In the shop in the departures area at an airport before a flight.

Her: “Do you want to get anything for the plane?”
Me pointing at hat: “I think it would look quite nice with that hat, what do you think?”

I’ve got about 67 different variations of that response ready to go.


Booting out a catflap at 3.30am


Just order chips from the takeaway then ponce some pizza off of the tv.

Tbf he calls it za so this is fair game right?


The other day Mrs F told me she though Brad Pitt was starting to look like Matt Damon as he gets older. I thought about this for a bit and then suggested that perhaps she was confusing “looking like” with “has now also done a film promo poster wearing a space suit”.

She’s sticking to her guns, but I’m enjoying bringing it up every now and again.

I impersonate her “catchphrase”, which she never says, in an accent (basically a generic northern falsetto) that sounds nothing like her.


I also maintain that it’s such an embedded catchphrase that “it’s all I ever bloody hear from you”.

“Ooooh, look at me…”