Annoying your partner *Official Thread*

That’s up there with me getting home from work yesterday and Jimbo telling me he saw a dragonfly, and me repeatedly replying “Eh, you saw a dragon flying?!?!”

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When my little man was a bit younger he’d do a really husky Lego Batman voice complete with dodgy faux American accent and say “Iron Man sucks…” to which I would reply with variants of “But your socks aren’t creased?” etc.


Have recently discovered that Salmon rhymes with Gammon. So that’s two mealtimes ruined for my wife. How it took me this long to realise I’ll never know!

This is a bit of an unpleasant twist on the annoying your partner/children gig.

I was playing a game in the back garden with my boy (8), and I had increased my lead to 5. “19-14” I announced. He said “Is that when you were born?” and proceeded to absolutely laugh his arse off. Had to wear that one on the chin and it was a standing 8 count.


Saying ‘I win’ whenever I finish a meal/cup of tea before them


I told my partner that restaurant chain Frankie and Benny’s is owned by Frank Bruno


Did you say co-owned with Nigel Benn?

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Damn missed a trick there

My phone broke and until my new one arrives, I can’t control the Sonos stuff. My gf keeps putting on “Can’t Touch This”.