Annoying your partner *Official Thread*


Another entry for annoying your children. Obviously I spend most of my time talking crap to my children and trying to convince them that various nonsenses are true, like it says to in the dad manual, but they are mostly wise to me these days. That only makes it sweeter when one gets through.

Last night I was idly watching Milwall v Birmingham, or MIL 0-0 BIR as it said on screen. “Is this Milwall v Birmingham?” asks my son. “No, it’s Milverri v Birikara in the Finnish Cup”. “Oh”, he said, “why’s that on? That’s a funny game to be showing. Is that the best they have? It’s on Sky Main Event too, is it an important… DADDDDDYYYYYYY!!!”, and he spent a good ten seconds whacking the sofa in annoyance at himself for falling for my bollocks.


27 years old, he is


Excellent work. Can’t get enough of this stuff.

Since the news stated that loss of sense of smell is one of the first signs of coronavirus I’ve been using that to justify farting around her a lot. Claiming that my arse is operating as an early warning system for us both has not been going down that well but tbf, its for the best. We all need to do our bit in these times.


I’m amazed that it’s been so quiet on this thread this week frankly…


Too risky to go for weapons grade bants when you know you’re going to be stuck indoors together for months, imo.