Annoying your partner *Official Thread*

Wor Lass has very kindly started hanging my washing up if I do laundry on a weekday because she works mostly from home and I’m mostly out.

She knows all of the hangers in my wardrobe hang the same way and she laughs at me for it but she’s deliberately hanging them the other way to mess with me.

Either that, or she doesn’t care and I’m paranoid.


Oh didn’t realised this was a thing.

Have a photo of my sat on it my raincoat in the pissing rain somewhere

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I shop there

two of my old housemates when i lived in wrexham spent a week walking to south wales, camping along the way. when they got there (can’t remember where they went) they fixed a plaque they’d had made before they left to a random bench and got the train home. it just said “in memory of greg and adam” coz that was their names


For anyone out there struggling to come up with things when full of beer and cheese or whatever at this demanding time of year for partner annoying, i have four simple yet effective words:

sustained Benoit Blanc impression


I jokingly told Wor Lass that her head looked like Ving Rhames’ after she made ‘prominent businessman’ comment and she has upcycled it to this:

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B accidentally set the fire alarm off at work today.

Already got the Fireman Sam theme set up and ready to play when she walks in. :sunglasses:


My husband is ginger so very much enjoying every night saying “getting into bed with my ginger prince!!!” referring to my Prince Harry book :blush::blush::blush:


My partner had a dream last night that she’d just woken up and her phone clock said it was 9pm, and when she asked me why I’d not woken her up for work, I told her I wasn’t her alarm clock. Then it turned out it was only 8am and if just changed the clock.

Pretty annoyed I didn’t do this IRL tbh

One of the school mums has mistakenly decided Wor Lass is a podiatrist and keeps taking her shoes off in the playground to show her bunions and things.

This is quite funny in itself but I have started singing the Avalanches’ song Frontier Psychiatrist (with Podiatrist substituted into the title) whenever she tells me stories about her actual day at work.