Loads of shops sell packs of 2 scotch eggs but **don’t ** sell individual scotch eggs. Like who’s ever been walking around town thinking ‘ooh you know what I fancy. A pair of scotch eggs.’ It’s a fucking nuisance. Use this thread to
A) agree with me
B) share other annoying things
C) chat about scotch eggs


Scotch Eggs! Great to chew; even better to share!

Deli on the street I work on sells giant single scotch eggs for £4.50 a pop. Never tried one, because, y’know, £4.50…

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yeah that’s daft. I love a scotch egg as much as anyone but I think £3.50 would be my very, very top limit (and it would have to be a pretty fucking impressive Scottish egg for that)

Good sub-thread idea there:

What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a scotch egg?

I think the most I’ve ever paid is £6.50 for a venison one in a pub opposite the Barbican. Was pretty bloody good though tbf.

Tell you what I like: scotch eggs made with chi-rosso

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Ooh, sub-subthread:
Most expensive (eat in) - £6 as a starter in a pub (can’t remember it’s name)
Most expensive (take-out) - £3 from some fancy deli counter

Never eaten a scotch egg, never will.

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Not even in soup?

Not even in soup.

Good lad

In Morrissons (the ones I’ve been in at least) they have an absolute tone of meat pasty options available but if you want a cheese and onion pasty they only sell them in four packs.

As if I wasn’t feeling unhealthy enough about eating one pasty, I don’t want to have to take three home with me to sit in the fridge until inevitably being binned.

Or am I mis-judging the non-meat pasty sharing market completely here?

was going to start this EXACT thread yesterday. but didn’t.

other annoying things: was going to post in that catstro thread but it’s locked? wtf

The thing is, mate, I’d happily pay a premium for an individual scotch egg. Knowing you to be a reasonable man I’m sure you’d do the same for a C&O pasty. Say a pack of 2 scottish eggs was £1.20, I’d pay up to and including 80p for an individual one when I get a craving on a lunch break, maybe even 90p. But I’d never pay £1.20 for a pair, only to walk back into my office with everyone watching me put a single scottish egg into the fridge like a psychopath, I just wouldn’t do it

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How’re we all pronouncing scotch?


I’m sure at the one near me they only sell twin packs of everything.

When doing the shopping at Mozzer’s mid-morning, a couple of times I’ve thought ‘Ooh, fancy a pastie for lunch actually’. They only sell them in twin packs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying a solitary pasty is enough for lunch, but I’ll always go for a pasty with a sausage roll, fuck having a pair of corned beef slices for lunch.

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just gonna bung this in here too because why the fuck not…

burritos are good, right. but I’ve just been stung £9.20 for a bang average burrito, some chips and a can. that’s a fucking scandal. should be £3 or thereabouts. could have got something actually decent for a tenner. sake.

Burrito + a can to go should NEVER cost more than £6

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