Annual Beeve Audit

Had many beeves this year? Any more you’re hoping to have by the end of the year?

Don’t you fucking start.


I try to avoid beeves really

think I’ve had two beevey episodes on here this year. hope to get that down to zero beef 2019.


@maosm does I think


Quite a year for beeves.

1 x longish family beeve
2 x work beeves
0 x friend beeves tho so thats good


I mostly avoid beeves on here by just not interacting with the (very) few posters who I know I’ll lose my wig at/with. It helps that the one person I couldn’t resist beeving with left the boards ages ago.

I’d prefer it if the block/mute function on here actually did what you’d think it would, but in lieu of that I’ll keep ignoring people with my brain I suppose.

probably my biggest ever beeve with my former housemate this year, and i’m fairly prone to beeves

My wife always says I am terrible for bearing a grudge, which is correct.

This year -

2 x new life beeves
1 x ongoing life beeve
3 x almost forgiven but never forget life beeves
2 x work beeves
2 x people who annoy me but I don’t really know beeves

Scores settled this year - 0.


Haven’t really beeved, willing to set aside w/c 3rd December if anyone wants to get any beeves in there before the end of the year.

Yes please, I would like to dance :slight_smile:


currently in the process of writing a ‘letter before action’ to my housemate before going to court, can’t decide as to whether to keep it very formal facts only, or trying to get as many digs in about his terrible conduct as possible, leaning towards the later as im doing it more for the catharsis than getting my money back

0 beeves, several new burning resentments


i think the boards should proof read this. to help.


You could at least offer to buy me dinner first ffs.


Im an incredibly reasonable person. Anyone I have or have had beeves with is the one in the wrong. No current beeves at work, 2x family beeves, no friend beeves,

I prefer to be the beevee rather than the beever.

Heh, beaver.

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Going to get back into trying hard to be nice to everyone.

Wish me luck!

Glad for the 0 friend beeves. I find I can somehow deal with others much more easily.

I have obviously beeved with the trolls on here a bit.