Annual Beeve Audit


Im an incredibly reasonable person. Anyone I have or have had beeves with is the one in the wrong. No current beeves at work, 2x family beeves, no friend beeves,


I prefer to be the beevee rather than the beever.

Heh, beaver.


Going to get back into trying hard to be nice to everyone.

Wish me luck!


Glad for the 0 friend beeves. I find I can somehow deal with others much more easily.


I have obviously beeved with the trolls on here a bit.



Well there is still ample time but so far it’s been a good year for not beeving

1 landlord beeve (mentioned on another thread)
1 parking company beeve

Legal action has been raised in both instances. Maybe this is my beeve life now


Noah v Cardiff City Council is ongoing.

Bus lane my arse :neutral_face:


I’m going to assume ‘bus lane’ is a verb in this sentence.



One epic ‘friend’ one. He goes in for psychological manipulation with everyone he comes across. Not with me any more though. He’s been kicked to the kerb.


Well that’s what he wants you to think…


0 DiS beeves iirc
1 minor family beeve (aside from other existing/longstanding ones)
1 or 2 tiny flash in the pan friend beeves
4 work beeves including 2 big, meaty stew of a beeve


Read that as flash in the pan fried beeves


I like to see it as a valid answer to the question, “Got a match?”


Dad beeves probably at an all time high. Christmas is coming too so that’ll ratchet it up somewhat. Awesome.


Blue rare beeves