🎄 🍬 Annual Christmas Chocolate/Sweet/Confectionary/Biscuit/Treats Thread 2020! 🍬 🎄

Praise be! Christmas is finally here!!




The holidays are coming the holidays are coming THE HOLIDAYS ARE C-etc.

Can’t wait to load up of boxes of Toffifee and be all “for all the nieces and nephews eh!” then gorge myself silly over a weekend.

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Its September.

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Already got through 2 bags of lebkuchen hearts and some Christmas Percy Pigs. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

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Don’t talk to me about M&S Pigs In Blanket crisps this year though. Livid.

Every year some wise arse comes in with an “it’s september”

The Christmas chocolates are out in supermarkets! It’s Christmas now.


What happened with the pigs in blankets crisps?!

Did anyone ever try the M&S prosecco crisps? Still a bit intrigued…

My housemate once bought us all a big tub of quality street! How nice of her! She then got up in the night she opened it, squirrelled it away to her room where she stayed for 24 hours and ate the lot!
Much respect to her tbf


They used to be bacon flavour crisps with little bits of pork scratching in and they were delicious. Now they’re just ‘bacon and sausage’ flavour crisps. And they are not good.

Yes, please don’t eat these, they were grim.

Bacon and sausage flavour crisps - no thanks!

I kind of want to eat them and just annoy everyone when conversation pops up about my favorite flavour crisps and I can say “it’s prosecco and glitter flavour”


I think our christmas confectionery deliveries at work are all next week, I will keep you updated.

Half way through a ritter sport ‘spiced biscuit’ flavour

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Yes please!!
I am most interested in one mouth chocolate bites. Like a ferrero rocher, lindt balls, those little robin things.

i have a golden pineapple that I feel each week with something individually wrapped. This week it’s Robin’s (obvs) but who knows what new product can come on the market!!!


out of 10?

So so good.


Oh my god… Ferrero Rocher advent calendars. :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


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They’re that good.