Annual christmas leave thread


What’re you saying? I’m working up until Friday 22nd December but the office closes at 1pm - back at work on Wednesday 3rd January, not too shabby.




No days off other than the proper official holidays. Possibly an early finish on the 22nd and 29th.

This is perfectly acceptable, obviously.


Hope that gives you enough time to lodge some prezzies in some wellies man.


Same here but i’ve got loads of annual leave left so i finish on the 15th and am back in on the 3rd


Don’t like using leave on days which will be a total doss. Will be in on 28th and 29th, likely hungover.


finish on thursday 21st, back in wednesday 3rd.

dread level gonna be off the scale by the time i have to go back.


Just thinking about coming back in on a grey drizzly January wednesday is giving me the sadness.


Definitely not working 23rd-26th and planning to take on as little work as possible from now until early January


Finish at 3pm on the 24th. Back in at 6am on the 27th. Then the 30-1st off and back in on the morning of the 2nd


Working up until 4/4:30pm on the 22nd and then back on 27-29th.

Looking forward to it tbh, will be super quiet in the office and I’ll be able to work on some development stuff / writing processes without getting interrupted.


got 5 days of work left until 3rd Jan


Working the bit in between. Got the 20-22nd Dec and the 2-3 Jan off. Happy with this.


Got the 18th off for a long weekend in Copenhagen but otherwise working every day that is not a bank holiday. They keep thinking I am joking when I say I am not doing any work between Christmas and New year.


Dunno, haven’t figured it out yet. Loads of time left.


Finished 22nd, back 2nd


Finish on the Friday 22nd Dec, back on Tuesday 2nd Jan.

However, my girlfriend is on call from 9.00am on Christmas morning until 9.00am New Year’s Day, so I’m not really going to be able to see her during the break.

I’m going to board the loft and go for some bike rides instead.


Never heard it called that before


I’m adding six and a half inches of quilt up there.


Is there a strong likelihood she’ll be called out man?