Annual dates/ events that you don't think about for the whole year, but remind you of how far along the year is when they happen

  • Eurovision
  • grand national
  • the news story about the National archives making documents from 30 years ago public



GCSE/A Level results being in the news


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Longest day
Publication of the Fringe programme

my birthday

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Christmas sandwich day

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Flying ant day.

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pancake day

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May 19th

Are we just naming dates in the year here? Cool. Burn’s Night.




Christmas goods on the shelves are becoming less useful as a marker of progress through the year, though. I remember finding mince pies in Sainsbury’s in… September last year?

japes’s birthday

Fa Cup 3rd Round
Pancake day
Local news story about supermarkets not calling them Easter Eggs
Local news story about kid not being allowed back to school because he has stupid hair
4 entire months of poppies
Local news story about supermarkets selling “festive crackers”


The first day of every month when everyone goes “it can’t be May/August/March already!”

(How is it June ffs)

[quote=“guntrip, post:5, topic:37996”]
Publication of the Fringe best jokes of the festival [/quote]

for me

and with that, I yield

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The start of the Tour de France and not enough time in the day to watch all the sport I want to watch on the telly.

st swithin’s day

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