Annual Flu Jab Thread Tracker

2016 Flu Jab Thread: Shall I get the flu jab at work?
2017 Flu Jab Thread: Flu jabs
2018 Flu Jab Thread: Flu Jab

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Sleep paralysis.

Anyone been to Lisbon?

Budget products that are better than premium products.

I think my succinct thread title has elevated the subject to levels previously though impossible.

(I was going to say I don’t remember any but there is a little post from me in the 2016 one).

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Bet you weren’t expecting 300 odd posts eh?

Can you recommend a laptop that costs around 400 quid?

drownedinsound laptop 400

Nope, think it barely garnered a sniff the afternoon I posted it.

It has been useful though as I did just get mine because my wife made me and that was just to protect myself and now I will be getting it annually for all the reasons posted.

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I did the first hundred or so posts yesterday evening. It’s not a classic really unless there’s something buried further down.

It’s a beeve thread, so no.


Booked in for my jab on Monday 1st October

Booked in for Tuesday 2nd October
(I am so paranoid now that I may get flu and die or I might have an allergic reaction to the flu jab. How likely is an allergic reaction to the flu jab? I didn’t think i’d get an allergic reaction to an anti allergy tab but I did)

Allergic reaction is classified as very rare for the flu vaccine, which is defined as fewer than 1 allergic reaction in every 10,000 jabs.

Knowing my luck, that 1 will be me…

It won’t be.

Plus the jabs are provided at places where medical professionals are on hand, and some will have epi-pens. You’ll be fine.

As long as you don’t have an egg allergy you should be fine - though even those with mild egg allergies can often be vaccinated with a low ovalbumin jab (don’t think many do though).

2019 Flu Jab Thread: It's the annual flu jab thread!

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