Annual highly succesful winter sports thread!

Anyone going skiing/boarding etc this season?? If so, where to? Im off to Davos next week - we leave the day the world economic forum starts. #resistance

Watching any ski racing, friends? Svindal is back and winning again in the dh. Wengen and kitzbuehl coming up!!! Schiffrin smashing it up in the womens.
Can dave ‘riding’ ryding podium again in the slalom??

Anyone wanna chat about skeleton; luge; bob?
Where are all the biathlon fans? Don’t be shy?

Winter olympics soon!!! (separate thread for that, obv)

I look forward to reading your replies.

Current contract finishes on February 23rd so thinking I might drop in on my old buddy from school who lives near Alpe d’Huez and get a couple of days boarding in like a pure freeloader. Minus 15c at the top of the mountain currently so would be wrapping up warm however :scarf: :snowflake: :snowboarder:

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I’m going on a dog-sledding holiday in Finland in just over a week. Does that count?


Oof. I normally go early march, so the potentially much colder temp in jan may well be a shock. There’s currently a big snowdump forecast for next week though. Fingers crossed.

Never been to alpe d’huez. Its on my list!

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Great! It sounds incredible but I’m also slightly nervous of being in charge of a team of dogs…

^top dog

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I’ve been dog sledding in Finland, near Ruka. Was great.

I assume a standard tourist windup, but our guide warned us to control the dogs/not get lost as you could accidentally cross the border into Russia :+1:

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Haven’t been able to watch as much as I would like, mostly slalom and GS so far. Hirscher is doing some very Hirscher things, Ryding I think does have a good chance of podiuming (hopefully at the Olympics), and yeah Schiffrin is just incredible as ever.

Mild case of Olympic fever starting for me already, cannae wait :grinning:

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Wish we could participate on some winter sports in Ireland. Fucking never snows here.

Going to Borovets in Bulgaria for a stag do in a couple of weeks. Sounds like such a sketchy place I’m pretty trepidatious about the whole thing. Haven’t skied in ten years. Luckily I found all my gear from back then but worried I’ll get laughed at.

Can’t wait for the winterlympics. Biathlon is my fave event!

I know fuck all about anything winter sports wise except for winter olympics (figure skating and the like excepted, I can’t get on with that) >>>> summer olympics.

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Was hoping someone was going to try typing out the theme tune to Ski Sunday here.


Want to go boarding again soon, don’t think it’s going to be this year though :frowning:

I’d like to ski one day

I’d quite like to have a go skiing and/or snowboarding, but I’m almost certain it would end in tears (and legs in splints and rides in ambulances).

Alternatively, I’d quite like to go on a skiing holiday but stay in the toasty warm lodge with plenty of booze and fondue and all that.

I’ve always wanted to try skiing - it sounds right up my street. Been looking at a week in “beginner” places for February though, and for a family of four it’s just prohibitively expensive. Boo.

Borovets is fine (or at least, it was 15 years ago).

A good place to learn as it’s super cheap and everyone speaks English, but there wasn’t much to do of an evening, and there weren’t many runs for advanced skiers, tbh.

Not this season but I’ve booked day of snowboarding tuition at an indoor place for next month - I always wanted to do it but somehow never got round to it. This is possibly the first stage of my mid-life crisis…

Any snowboarding tips for a n00b?