Annual highly succesful winter sports thread!


If you did a package with beginners lessons and the like, I’m sure you’d have no issue (it’s what I did a few years ago and you go from literal absolutely basics to being able to do a easy-to-medium run on your own fairly quickly.). Even got taken into a half pipe (which was a disaster in terms of staying upright) by the end.

Btw, boarding is the way to go. Skiing is for Tories :wink:


Bend your knees much more than you’d expect.


Periodically get tempted to book a few lessons at the Snowdome. At least that way I wouldn’t have to worry about having to be flown home by air ambulance.


Mrs Z and I did this actually, just to get a feel for whether we thought we’d like it or not.

Of of the first things you’ll learn is how to fall safely and it’s really easy to ditch on a board while learning, even though you’re strapped onto it - never skied, so can’t speak for that.


My memory of my one and only boarding session at some resort in France is falling over and really smacking my coccyx to shit. Not for me Clive, I prefer having independent control of both my legs.

I really really loved skiing when I did it a few times in my thirties. Mostly like looking at the scenery, and the beers and hot chocolates half way down the slopes. Unfortunately Mrs F is really not keen, so I’ll probably never do it again. Also my knees probably aren’t up to it any more.


You’ll probably fall over a few times for your first couple of lessons but dont be disheartened! Focus on keeping your balance and finding an edge. I think once you’ve picked up the basics its easier than skiing to get to a reasonable standard.


Cheers! Genuinely buzzing about it!


wengen! Lauberhorn! Here we go

:cow::bell: :cow::bell: :cow::bell:





Watched ski Sunday last week and within about 2 mins of it being on I was looking up ski holidays :grinning: