Annual Leave Audit


6.5 booked before the end of the year, 3.5 remaining which I’m not sure if I’ll carry over or just take.


I accumulate leave month-by-month. We get 4 weeks + BH + ‘accountants day’ and ‘birthday leave’, so 22 days + BH.

I currently have about 8 days accrued, but the office closes for three weeks over Christmas (summer here, kids) so I will use 11 days then.



I work with lots of accounts, when they let loose they let loose


I don’t go to the bank on a bank holiday… Same deal, they can call it whatever they like if I get the day off…


i get 25 + bank hols

used to get 20 and work evenings + saturdays, that was fucking horrendous

my dad gets something ludicrous like 32 + bank holidays

i’d quite like 40+ bank hols, i don’t dislike my job but being able to take a 3 day weekend just cos i felt like it a few times a year would be great

i’m carrying over 5 days to next year so i have leeway in case i want to apply for a different job or i want to go see my sister in australia or whatever. should be pretty sweet having 30 days to play with (or i’ll just carry 5 over again)


Our year is September to August.

I have 20 days in total; 0 used; 4 booked.

20 days doesn’t sound like a lot, but on average we only work 3.5 days a week.


I get 28 days + 12.5 bank/fixed holidays. Jan - Dec. Can buy up to 3 weeks leave on top. Carry-over to be taken by the end of Jan in the following year. Not too shabby.

Was a pleasure taking part in the polls, mate. Why not build on that success and add a few more?


Why can’t we include leave we have requested but not yet taken? Why?! Get about 30(?), plus bank holidays, plus some extra time off over xmas. Noice.


Last time I checked I had 13.5 days left but I’ve been signed off the last few weeks and I had leave booked in that time so I’ll get those days back.

The problem with my job is that I regularly do way over my contracted hours so build up tonnes of flexi-time that I’m told to use before I use my a/l. Another problem is that company policy is to let you have 5 days roll over, but my department is so small yet so busy that we’re unofficially excluded from this. Christ knows how I’m going to get over two weeks leave in between now and the end of the year :woman_shrugging:


I think I get 35 days plus bank hols but I cant remember

it’s pretty ok

also we’re allowed to work from anywhere in the world

can carry 5 days over


I can use up to five days from this year in the first three months of the new year if I still have a job. If I’m made redundant I’ll get five days extra pay on top of my redundancy pay and annual bonus (if there is one).


not as good as my old job where we got 30 days plus basically the whole summer off/ paid to go on language courses, and every Friday afternoon off :smiley: