Annual Movember beeve thread

In all the excitement of the past week we forgot to have the traditional Movember arguments!

I forgot it was even a thing until my next door neighbour knocked on my door last night in a camel hair coat looking like a sex criminal.

Did he ask you to sponsor him?!

No, he was delivering the cursed overdrive pedal.

How is it? Other than cursed.

Why is it that we hate it again?

Enjoyed by rugby fans

Cos being paid to grow a tash is stupid apparently and it makes men look like peodos lol.

Well, I wanted subtle, and it’s definitely that. I’ve had to boost the signal going in to it to make it a bit more responsive rather than not there/BNERRRRR. I think I’ll get it to do what I want with a bit more fiddling.

Also it’s literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen:


Oh yeah!!! Twats!!!

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either that thing is totey or you’ve got massive hands


Genuinely looks cursed. Be careful.


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been sporting a tache since season two of Narcos inspired me to sport a tache. these Movember cunts are the fucking bane of my life at the moment.

get asked at least two times a day if I’m taking part in Movember atm.


Maybe we could rail against Decembeard this year. Their ‘real men grow beards’ shtick is annoying (despite the good cause).

Great idea. I’ll put a meeting in everyone’s Outlook Calendar.

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Does that encompass that glittery beard shit as well?


Terrible band/sea shanty enthusiasts.


It’s good cause and my friend did it a few years ago and it took my a while to get round to donating cos everytime I saw their ‘real men’ stuff I got annoyed. Seems like it’s toned down on that site but I’m sure I saw an advert saying it the other day.