Annual Not Leaving House Competition - Started 09:00, 16.06.2018


After last year’s success im happy to say Ive found new sponsorship. See all you lazy, hungover, ill and reclusive heroes on sat morning for one HELL of a non-ride.




world cup


If my gf’s parents weren’t coming over on Sunday, I’d school the lot of you.


For reclusive World Cup fans this could actually be easier


Probs gunna smash out a bike ride before Saturdays WC (not toilet) viewing commences unfortunately


Oh bollocks I’m going to IKEA with my girlfriend and her parents :sob:


Oh mate. Surely an amazing reason to bail on that. They’ll understand


Can someone fill me in on the rules?


FORMAL REQUEST: Can we put it back a week




Craig David?




what counts as leaving the house


Am I permitted to go from one house to another in order for football watching. It’s only a mile away and there won’t be any funny business along the way… Just a straight House-Car-House


Okay look two people have asked so let’s poll this.

  • Do it this weekend
  • Next weekend
  • Don’t care

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Has it really been a year since the last one?


I’m going out this weekend and next weekend, but if I wasn’t going out, I’d have smashed this.


No clue but in the spirit of this I’m too lazy to check. I remember you were a contender though.


You can dress it up all you want but no urbanfox you can’t massively bring the game into huge levels of shame.