Annual Not Leaving House Competition - Started 09:00, 16.06.2018


The rules for the benefit of @ma0sm and others are insanely simple. The clock starts at 9am on Saturday morning (either this week or next depending on the poll).

From there, it’s last diser standing. You cannot leave your perimeter. House garden and drive are fine but the second you leave your property you’re done.

It’s an honour system. Last time a lot of people fought hard to stay inside. The rain helped and I think this time will be harder because it might well be sunny and the temptation to bail on the homestead will be real. Some ordered takeout. Others were lucky enough to be ill and therefore could dodge work.

This year I’m adding a prize.

I will bestow on the winner 1 x pair of premium uniqlo tracksuit bottoms to celebrate and encourage their loafing. This is a worldwide offer coz postage won’t be too bad for something so light and pack-downable.

There can only be one winner but know that I will be proud of all of you. But only in an existential sense. In reality I will only be proud of one of you. Last year there were 5 or 6 extremely competitive hermits. I feel like this year could be far more.

To coin the phrase founded last time around:

Do or do not. There is no point


best of luck everyone


I think I got pretty far last time, gutted that my prospects are not good for this weekend unless I get sick :frowning:


I’m probably getting chips on Saturday, I haven’t done so in a buncha weeks and the chip shop staff are probably close to reporting me as a missing person


the last thread was JANUARY


fine, it’s bi annual. fuck ton less than the cycling events innit?


i have perused the rulebook and the previous thread. i am enthusiastically entering the competition!!!

i suppose i can give my tremendous social life a rest for one weekend. i do believe however that certain responsibilities a la ferme may destroy my dreams of reaching a respectable time.


absolute piece of piss. I’ll start on Friday and I won’t leave the flat until Monday.


This is the post for me and anyone else (no one) to highlight I’d rather go to IKEA with the TV and in-laws than watch football.*

* Obviously there are plenty of other things I’d rather do than go to IKEA with the TV and in-laws.


Can you explain the birth of this particular competition?

Also I can’t believe you’ve effectively legitimately given the football bores another fucking thread to go on in.


Is this BST timezone only? If so I’ll be starting at 6pm and you guys are all toast.


Fancy a trip to sheffield?


A bit inconvenient TBH.


It seems my prospects have improved :face_with_thermometer:


The voting above remains open until Friday 9am. So far this weekend is JUST in the lead


Don’t let people schedule it for a time when they can win, that’s surely against the spirit of the thing - you said this weekend, have it this weekend! (I won’t win this, so not saying that out of self-interest)


this is a good point


Really hoping for next weekend. Will have just moved in to a new place which will need some work, waiting for a mattress to be delivered AND the world cup’s on. The stars have aligned for me to win this (next weekend).


@SenorDingDong raises a significant point

I’ll close the vote now and tbf this weekend was already winning. BUT don’t lose heart everyone there will always be more ‘fun’ to be had bi-annually.

I would strongly suggest reading the thread niki posted for an idea of the various pitfalls that await. @Smee grappled with various things he needed to get sorted for instance but was able to hang in there for a surprising amount of time.

I’ll see you 9am sat. On that exact second anyone out of their house is of course immediately disqualified.

For our antipodean pal @1101010 , I would usually bend timezone rules, but as he is well aware that his life and specifically kid will more likely than not get him out of the house early into the weekend there’s no way he can be a contender short of illness

Paging people like @laelfy @dingaling and @manches-brute who all worked hard last time around


I will be waking up at work and home by 8am on Sat. I will then be looking to leave the house as soon as possible with the kids as staying indoors is a living hell
Good luck everyone though