Annual Tennis Watching Fortnight 2017

  • Andy Murray’s hip
  • Kvitova’s hand
  • Serena Williams is 700th best male (hope she challenges John to a match the fucking dusty cube headed crybaby)

Who’re your tips? What are you looking forward to?

Barkerbot is the nine thousand year old ancient technology equivalent of Dimblebot


Do you think Tim Henman is a shy Brexiter

Federer’s deservedly favourite, hard to see him losing early and there are question marks around the rest of the big 4. will be a bit depressing to watch them all cruise to the semi finals regardless tbh, think if Nadal gets that far in good shape then he can beat Fed tho.
would love to see Kvitova do it so much but think Pliskova as favourite is also fair, she’s pr boring but so effective and mentally strong. seen her game compared to Lindsay Davenport quite a bit

can definitely see it with the clumsy looking movement and ridiculous consistent power, same inside out forehand. ps, Mauresmo’s game is still an absolute delight to watch

Tennis seems pretty popular, they should probably have other annual competitions.

But I’m not a tory so I don’t care if they don’t.

Imagine all the mileage though, can see why they don’t.

The women’s brackets are supposed to be very even but that’s because Serena’s not in it which seems a bit of a cop out. Also will miss Sharapova.

Watching Laura Robson playing right now is reminding me of being in a supermarket queue, it’s just looking into the boring void in our lives forever.

Human itch Kyrgios looks hurt, presumably out of protest of himself.

Sharapova wouldn’t have won anyway.
women’s tennis has more than enough quality and depth to be fine without Serena tbh, only problem is a lot of the top players have lacked consistency, that’s more of a problem in terms of there not being any ‘star names’ which sell the tour to casual fans than it is for the entertainment value tho.

too many threads

Thought that one’s already too big tbh but fine, fine.