Annual travelcard wanker question

Hello. You are all usually a helpful bunch so I was wondering if you could help with a query I have about my annual season ticket. I have a paper annual season ticket for Hertford to London zones 1-6. On Friday I would like to travel to Witham in Essex. The best train is from Liverpool street which is direct, however I do not wish to pay full price (£22.80). If I got a ticket from a zone 6 station, i.e. Romford to Witham (£13.20), would it be an issue that the train I get on does not stop there? Would the ticket inspector clobber me?

P.S. I know I can also get 30% off with a Gold card, but I was not issued one with my season ticket, even though I probably should have been.

Thanks in advance


Almost certainly if you got caught.


This is why Oyster’s better innit, cos then you’d just pay the difference when you tap out from your PAYG funds.

I mean obvs it’s not better for some folk if you don’t want it, but.

Oyster is not an option from my usual station. Paper only.

Why is the rail system in this country so shit? :frowning:

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^ oh, maybe I am wrong!

Here we go

Oooh, that sounds promising…I’ll ask my question there.

How would they know?

If an inspector gets on whilst you’re on the Liverpool St to Romford train, you show your 1-6 ticket and if they go this one doesn’t stop at Romford you go AH FUCK, i’ll get off the next stop and go back, thanks sir.

If you’re on the Romford to Whitham one, you just show your other ticket.




The point is the train doesn’t stop at Romford. So if I show my Romford-Witham ticket after I have left zone 6 they know I didn’t get on at Romford.

Does Witham have barriers tho?

I’d probably just flutter my eyelashes and lie and say i didn’t know! I just got on the first train that said Witham! I’m so sorry!!! I have tickets to cover the whole journey but I got on the wrong train :frowning: :frowning:

Is your Romford-Witham ticket tied to a particular service?

No idea! Even if it does I would expect my Romford to Witham ticket would work in them. I’m more concerned about the inspector on the train between Romford and Witham.

If you’re going from Hertford into Liverpool Street, Hertford East is on the Oyster card system.

I don’t know. The plan is to purchase it from Liverpool st on Friday.

You only need to worry about the ticket inspector between Liverpool Street and whichever is the first stop after Romford.

All of those stations have ticket barriers, so it’s very, very unlikely* that you’ll see an inspector there.

*I am not liable for you getting a fine if this isn’t the case.

It is from both Hertford stations, Hertford North is not oyster yet.

Yes it is paper, if it acts as a gold card that would be great. Cheers.