Annual travelcard wanker question

Yeah when I was train punter the ticket is the card and then they send you your six free weekend travel tickets but you don’t get a physical gold card… which is a shame.

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Used a few but they soon built up and my wife had them as well so we wasted loads.

Besides I would be so scared of marckee seeing me at the Waterloo gates with one of those that I could never use one again.

reusing return ticket on open return tickets (ps, protip: if an inspector signs your ticket with a biro, start rubbing it out immediately upon return of the ticket. usually comes out)

  • Do this regularly
  • Don’t do this

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Something I have been doing recently is just… not paying for my train travel. On rare evenings if I need to get a train home from Charing Cross to Catford, the gates are always open at CX, and there aren’t any at Catford. I know it’s very bad but also idgaf :woman_shrugging:

you’d have to be a mug to pay if thats the case, m8.


Knew I could rely on you.

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Just been to a train station and purchased what they called a boundary 6 - Witham ticket which I can use without getting off the train at zone 6, so can go direct from Liv St. This included the annual season ticket goldcard discount, so cost only £7.55. Thanks for all your help. Solved!


That’s correct. Zone X boundary to destination tickets are available to season ticket holders. Not widely advertised. They allow you to travel on fast trains that don’t have to stop at a zone X station. And if you have a Gold card, you also get a third off.

I used them all the time for trips to Reading and Brighton. If I wasn’t lunching in Angel, could have told you straight away. I may have spent an evening reading all the t&cs.

Read this for a summary of Gold Card benefits.