Annual what you booking off work for Christmas thread

  • Not on work book
  • Before the 18th Dec
  • 18th Dec
  • 19th Dec
  • 20th Dec
  • 21st Dec
  • 22nd Dec
  • 23rd Dec
  • 24th Dec
  • 25th Dec
  • 26th Dec
  • 27th Dec
  • 28th Dec
  • 29th Dec
  • 30th Dec
  • 31st Dec
  • 1st Jan
  • 2nd Jan
  • 3rd Jan
  • 4th Jan
  • After the 4th Jan

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Finish Friday 18th, back on the 5th.

Got the 18th to New Year off. Fuck knows whats gonna happen for it

Good thread. Was just thinking about this as we’ve been asked to book ours by next week (!).

I usually take two weeks off, probably going to do the 23rd - 5th this year. 4th will be the extra bank holiday here I guess, not that it means much this year.

Got absolutely loads of leave though, for the obvious reasons.

However much leave I have left for the calendar year I guess

Have no idea what is going on so


I need 21st to 4th off with half term but that’s more holidays than I get in a year so absolutely no idea what I’m going to do.

Job 1
Finish on 24th at 1pm. Back on 4th. Might take the following week off…

Job 2
Working Xmas eve, Xmas day and New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day (all evening shifts, not the day)

The perfect year for Xmas to be ruined tbh

Hour off Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. Neverminded working between Christmas and New Year just a doss about get paid for doing fuck all.

I’m forced into taking the three non holidays between Christmas and New Year off - so those I guess

For the first time ever, the calendar has been nice to me and I’ll get my usual Wednesday and Thursday off, then closed the 25th and 26th, then we open again forever more and it’s back to usual.

None probably :woman_shrugging:

Our office is shut from the 24th Dec to 3rd Jan, inclusive.

Not sure whether we’re going to be asked to take any of that as leave, though. We usually don’t, but this year has been weird, obviously.

Work up to Christmas Eve, then take off the days needed to get through to the 2nd.

Haven’t checked my deadlines yet but I might be doing a different job by then so :man_shrugging:

I doubt I’ll book any of it off tbh

Self-quarantining from 22 Dec for 14 days. I’d like to work from home for the full duration please.

Just Christmas Eve to make travelling to the rents easier.

off 21st, back on the 5th

got so much leave to use (good problem, but still) that I’ll still have 10 days left going into next year, despite taking off next week and Christmas . So saving up even more for next year seems redundant

We can only (“only”) carry 10 days over so that’s what I’ll be doing.

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Not on holiday during peak book

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