Annual what you booking off work for Christmas thread

i carried that over from last year so that I could go to New Zealand, and then Greece instead, and then Italy instead etc etc

so yeah, aiming for 10 days again for when everything is absolutely much better and fine to travel in April

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Technically none but our office is closed from the 23rd to the 4th and we don’t have to take leave. Think this is the first Christmas I’ve had off since 2012 for any reason other than unemployment so I’m massively looking forward to it.

Rota tbc, but working Xmas eve, boxing day, 27th, BH Monday, NYE and NYD. Great Xmas lads

That’s some BS rich

Do you get any downtime in Jan to compensate at all, or get any other leave booked in soon after?

Nope, if it’s your day to work, you’re working basically. Plus an expectation to go above contracted hrs during the week leading to Christmas.

Have a week booked in Jan a week booked in feb and a few days in March.