ANOHNI & The Johnsons

New album My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross out 7th July


unexpected return

Ah nice, I saw a billboard up near my house saying Anohni and the Johnsons so I thought something might be coming

wow, that’s great news

This is great news, loved her first album under her Anohni name.

I heard the new track on Nemone at lunchtime & it sounded like something from What’s Going On … which I was not expecting …but which is apparently the main influence for this album, a kind of What’s Going On 50 years later

should be interesting

Munroe Bergdorf in the video too! A great and unexpected bit of news.

Marsha P Johnson as the album cover star too

all great stuff


O shit, huge news. Clear the calendar for July

Pretty much the same shit

Yeah exactly (unfortunately)

though I get the impression from the the first song, the artwork and album title that the point is to honour the elders/pioneers and redouble the struggle

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I’m really hoping the ‘and the Johnsons’ is a return to previous sounds. Enjoyed Hopelessness and the live show around that time but hard to revisit that, yet go through the rest regularly.

(Not able to listen to the track yet to hear how it does sound)

Oh cool, what an album I Am A Bird Now was/is.


It doesn’t sound like Hopelessness, but it doesn’t really sound like the Johnsons albums either, as mentioned it kind of sounds like Anohni doing What’s Going On

First two songs on the ANOHNI album were great, rest was rubbish.

A lot of their material is dull looking back but the highs are near enough unmatched.

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Massive regret not seeing them on the I Am A Bird Now tour. Not sure how I’d feel about seeing them now, however, as I’ve been ambivalent towards their work post that album.


Prefer this to the first track (which felt like a groove from an M&S advert to my ears), but still not enthralling me like those first two records do.

Quite surprised how good this album is.


Same - just listened to it back to back - really surprised how much I liked it.