Anonymous Secrets Thread


Because everyone loves a spin-off.

Post your sordid shit here:

If you write a secret on there, start it with ‘DiS:’ so we know it’s someone from here.

Political Leanings

Oh god, this kind of thing was guarranteed to cause an abosulte shitstorm back in the day, on certain other forums I frequented.


I think we’re all mature enough.

Looks at first two secrets posted





Just did a proper LOL at some of those.


hello cowboys.


God this I swear this is dis 5 years ago.

Re the quiz ones:

  1. where’s my money then?
  2. I do actually check to make sure people aren’t doing that


Well, this seems like a nice website. Makes the Daily Mail’s comments section read like CBBC.


Oops, wrong thread!




It was all a con.


there are only a few posts that have a lot of votes so i’m assuming (hoping) they’ve been botted.


“DiS I voted for the unpopular option in the obese people poll then went back and changed my vote after the “fat acceptance” thread was started even though my vote was anonymous.”

Would be interested to know if this person changed because the thread made them change their mind, or if they just felt a wee bit of shame?


its probably because they’re a cunt.


DIS I have a real crush on a DIS girl but don’t know how to approach it without becoming Internet Perv Guy

Try to start a conversation with her, pal




so err nice weather eh?



hahahahaha you all fell into my trap. Congrats, you are now Internet Perv Guys


Don’t even do this in real life any more for fear of being real life perv.

I’m just single.