Another ambiguous Simpsons joke poll


In episode 4F12, The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show, Homer voices the new character “Poochie” in hit cartoon series Itchy and Scratchy. Homer invites friends and family over to watch the first episode of the revamped show. Flanders, having seen the episode tells Homer: “Homer I can honestly say that was the best episode of Impy and Chimpy I’ve ever seen!”

Which of these two readings of the joke is correct:

  • Flanders is a square. The Poochie episode eschewed the usual violence of the cartoon (they never even got to the fireworks factory) and this appealed to the prudish Flanders. Flanders is so square, in fact, that he thinks the show is called “Impy and Chimpy”. An endorsement from Flanders is as good as none.
  • Flanders has never seen the Itchy and Scratchy show before, humourously demonstrated by him believing it to be called “Impy and Chimpy”. He can honestly say it’s the best episode he’s ever seen, because it’s the only one.

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the joke is obviously based on the former.

To insist otherwise is very possibly to start a war. A war that i will fight TOOTH. AND. NAIL.




There is no way that Flanders has seen more than one minute of Itchy and Scratchy before in his life. NO WAY.




Let’s be clear here there is no ambiguity with regards the joke about homer saying good bye to a pair of shoes.


Yeah that one was rubbish. But this is neck and neck!


Given that in an earlier episode, Itchy & Scratchy & Marge, Maude Flanders is vocal in protest against the show, I find it very difficult to believe that Ned has never ever seen any of it.


Check and mate.


In fact in episode 3F1, Rod and Todd are negatively influenced by watching it. Ned mightn’t have seen a whole episode, but he sure as heck has seen bits before.


Gunna go with B because


Not that the Simpsons internal universe has, or should have, any logical consistency.

anyway, he may have seen an episode before but he clearly doesn’t watch it regularly or no much about it because that wouldn’t make any sense with Flanders’ character




Unfortunately, you have just discredited your argument.



imagine sucking all the joy out of something funny like this



You fuckers otherthink this tosh to the point of ruining it


And I love overthinking tosh