Another boring phone question

Yesterday I was cycling along the Union Canal in Edinburgh and one thing led to another and I ended up going head first into the canal. But that’s another story.

My phone was in my pocket. It is now drying in a bag of rice (but that’s another story).

My question is…if I put the SIM card in another phone will it work? Will it bring up all my contacts? Will I only be able to receive calls and texts? Or is this a new phone job (unless the rice works)???



Wait a minute - back up a bit there.


This is not a thread about my unfortunate mishap.

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ah ok - understood.


This is what happens when you slag Edinburgh off so much. Into the canal with you.


please start another thread so that we can have a good laugh at your unfortunate mishap


Don’t give a shit about your contacts tbh - tell us about the dunking

(If you saved the contacts to the SIM rather than the phone then they will still be there when you put the SIM in another phone)

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Fuck right off




depends if your contacts are stored on your sim or your phone (this doesn’t help you it’s just rephrasing the question you asked). maybe is the answer.

depends if the phone you put your sim into is “unlocked” or already set up to work on your network. you can get it unlocked dead easy for £20 or something. or just buy a £10 handset from argos which works on any network.

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Assuming that the new phone isn’t locked to a different network, yep, it’ll work.

Probably not. Smartphones don’t usually write contact details to the sim card. You might be lucky and have a few though.

You should be able to do exactly what you were able to do previously, but you might need to put certain settings into the phone.

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Presumably he already has… unless your posting from the canal cb?



Thank you Smee.

more like canal-o-bay mirite

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Thank you chanticleer

‘I was riding down the towpath, minding my own business, when an alpaca hairstyling kit in a nearby shop window took my fancy. The rest, as they say, is history…’


No, no…you are WRONG!

give me my like back @Jamos

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upon reflection, I decided you didn’t really deserve it did it by accident trying to scroll down on my phone, sorry