Another evening??

Fuck off time

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Cold inside, cold outside, no winners there

Pub quiz soon

V tired. Jet lag just nipping at my heels and a long day of ‘being back at work’. God I hate that for me.

Long day, then took Mrs F to an appointment after work. Making a steak dinner for tea cause why the fuck not. Gonna watch more OC and drink some of our new beer after that.

Could absolutely murder a pub quiz rn


Evening. Tonight was going to be a cinema trip with my sister but she’s come down with a cold. So instead it’s a takeaway and Netflix night in with Mr Fran - we might finally watch the last couple episodes of One Piece.

Got a delivery of a corn dolly angel for the xmas tree. It’s totally cursed. I love it.

Had a very interesting day, tour for some students then went exploring the fabric district in liverpool with uni.

Had a misery sandwich for tea.


Four hours, two trains, made it home. Something on Shudder tonight I think.

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Gunners is it you who’s into those cornball Christmas films? There are fucking loads on ItvX atm.

They’ve been there since about September!!! Madness.

(I will watch them but not until… you know, actual Christmas.)

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I think we’re going to aim for one a day from the 1st.

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Making a post gym curry

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Dinosaur Jr last night was just so good. Tired now after an early start, train back to NCL and a half day in the office.

Now home and I need to get my game face on, me and the TV are off to watch Embrace at the Boiler Shop. Don’t particularly want to go right now, but i know it’s got the potential to be ace. They’re doing the 25th anniversary of The Good Will Out.

I know they’re not massively popular but the 16 year old me was obsessed with them when they first came out. Saw their 1st London gig at the 100 Club, saw them all over, bought everything they did, was in the fan club etc. Gone off them a chunk but formative bands are formative bands isn’t it.

Opportunity to see Higher Sights/Retread/Fireworks/ That’s all changed etc can’t be a bad thing.

Am so tired that it’ll either drag, or I’ll be super emotional. Reckon the latter.


Even all. Did work, went to the Co-op to buy my nephew a birthday card I could put his V-bucks in, potentially/possibly got asked out by one of the staff? We’re going for a walk on Sunday, anyway. Came home, did a bike workout, now listening to The Cure whilst waiting for the hot water to hit sufficient temperature. Shower, hoose Chinese for dinner, might have a can or two, Zelda, Dark Tower & bed

Fucking lovely empanadas place is closed for refurb gah

steak pie it is then

  • Go to bed
  • Eat a big bag of camembert and hot honey crisps then go to bed
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Had a bunch of beers with my neighbours and gonna go to bed soon. Tired.

The main ‘corner shop’ chain in Sweden has teamed up with prostate cancer campaign for their autumn bun season. The aim is to get men to check themselves

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I treated myself to a CD

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Waiting for the cricket highlights bit the damn TV listings are wrong.

Really like that Ramona’s Jalapeno houmous.