Another evening??

This is legit what we need, guys. If you’re vegetarian, slap a couple of mccartneys on there. A transcendent meal anyway.


Have been doing interview prep, have to do a 5 minute presentation but I’ve made 8 mins of absolute gold and can’t cut anything :frowning:

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Shitey toddler bedtime. Have shit tonnes to do but can’t be arsed after sitting in a dark room singing her the same song over and over again while she falls asleep.

Currently sat listening to a helicopter hovering over the Needles. I can see the lights from my lounge window. Wonder what’s going on.

I have brief moments of forgetting how awful work is at the moment then when I remember it feels even worse. Might as well just sit here in a permanent state of fear until I log in again tomorrow morning.

On the train home after a couple of pints. Showdown with my boss didn’t happen. I think, in large part, because my work bestie did some advocating without being specific

Will reflect but otherwise settled for now. Made me feel a bit Malcolm Tucker, you know?

Any context to the showdown?

Good MS Paint skills there

Sorry in advance

TLDR is I wasn’t given an opportunity that some my peers were. Made me sad and resolved to confront my boss

Guess I’ll sleep and wake up and do more work


30 years since I and the TV met, 1993 soundtrack on, Ghosts catch up, Darts


Gnome is watching The Gilded Age. I’m pretty sure 50% of the script is formally naming people.

I love it

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First bike in 2 weeks. 35 miles bosh


Looking well decent



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Hello! Had a loooong but nice day at work. Went to the rally outside Westminster for a bit, (on my own as well! Check me out!) then headed home. Very weepy and emotional. Misty was a total gremlin but is now fast asleep next to me like an angel :face_holding_back_tears:


2 degrees when I got in the car to come home about 45 minutes ago. Ick.

It looks like a companion piece to your profile picture to be honest.