Another eye-candy related thread: not really worth having a TV license, is it



or is it?

I only really watch MoTD and am not too fussed about watching it live. just wake up Sunday morning, go to the piratebay, download in 2 minutes and watch crisp, HD quality torrent. easy

guess it would be a bind if you’re into Bake Off, Dance Off and that other off though



No, not really. Watching live telly is just for the elderly nowadays, isn’t it.


When are they going to start live broadcasts of Netrunner Champions League?


It’s all on Twitch already, grandad.


I tell you what is a bit of a shame… with particular regards to Black Mirror. One would come on, people would talk about it. At work, here, your mates whatever… but releasing the whole series whenever people want to watch it, it means that doesn’t happen anymore. In fact I haven’t even watched one yet as I haven’t felt the ‘pressure’ to watch one due to everyone else having watched one.

I refuse to read through my post.


So the only programme you say you watch is one that’s paid for by… having a TV licence.

Spotting a slight flaw in your argument here, I’ll be honest.


not sure I fully understand these words, man. read at least half of your post as well


I’m proud of you for trying


it’s really good

just watched the second episode yesterday, was pretty brutal


I am struggling to see any flaw, champ.


Yeah I am going to watch it but had the first episode been broadcast on C4 say on Sunday night there is no way that I wouldn’t have watched it yet and maybe had a chat with me spars about it.


If everyone who watched MOTD didn’t pay their TV Licence, MOTD wouldn’t exist.

Based on your statement 100% of your terrestrial TV watching is funded by the TV Licence. So yeah, it’s worth you having one.


yeah, this makes sense. I’ll probably reignite the bitch* when Planet Earth 2 starts anyway

*I wont


You’re starving the only programmes you watch of their only source of funding. Perhaps one day they won’t exist, y’know.


yeah, you’re dead right man. you’ve challenged me in a controlled manner and sown a jazz thought deep into my soul.

thanks man. always learning and evolving innit


Genuinely unsure if you were taking the piss but either way I enjoyed this post :slight_smile:


I’m not, man. for real.


If we stop paying for the licences, can we nominate what programmes they have to stop making then?

If so then MOTD is up the top of my list. Also I’d be grateful if they stop anything with Count Arthur Strong or Maureen Lipman in. Thanks BBC.


I think I get what you’re saying. I’ve not watched Stranger Things yet and I’m only halfway through Luke Cage. If it’s just there whenever you want, there’s no rush is there.


Yes and you miss out on the communal aspect of it. Which is a shame if you like interacting with human beings.