Another film thread: insignificant things you like in films


I like opening credits sequences - no idea why. The longer and more boring the better.


When you hear a song you didnt expect in it

Fun With dick and Jane has Time Bomb by Rancid in it


custard pie fight


When the aspect ratio changes - that lets me know that the director cares about the aspect ratio, and is therefore a Serious Artist.


I tell you what I hate. The three minutes before the opening credit sequences. Made in association with this and that, some twat boy fishing off a cloud etc. Wank.


An overture.


it all being in foreign and there are subtitles but I don’t use them because I probably understand the foreign


That can be shit, but sometimes goes on that long (with about 8 production companies) that it becomes amusing.


If the actors are halfway talented you shouldn’t need the subtitles anyway, it should be apparent through the tone that the main character is having an affair with his wife’s aunt.


It’s always silent though and I’m always wondering if I have turned my soundbar (eh ant?) on to the right source etc.


I think there’s a joke about them in the Lego Batman movie. I’m sure you’ll enjoy that.


I was going to post this

On modern films there seem to go on forever - each with a fancier animation from the last



We are going to see it when it comes onto mini-mornings. I will get back to you in a few month.s


Was going to say, it’s good when they do something different with the logos, like in Waterworld where the Universal earth logo gets covered in water (Waterworld takes place on a version of earth covered in water).


I like it when people retaliate, don’t like it when people rise above it


They picked a good name for it then.


Unfortunately the film itself was poorly received by critics.


Waterworld to have a good time.


i’d like to think when global warming catches up with us we change the name from earth to waterworld


Things like this:

The opening to Schindler’s List where Oskar is doing cufflinks / attaching his lapel badge / counting out money / shining his shoes.

The sound of footsteps walking down a corridor

The way Michael Corleone sits in an arm chair, one leg crossed over the knee of the other.

Decent cooking in films - the sound of frying rice in Empire of the Sun / Cooking pasta sauce in Goodfellas

That kind of thing.