Another film thread: insignificant things you like in films


It’s hackneyed, but I still quite like the old record scratch/freeze-frame character introduction.


Big fan of La Haine’s character introductions.


Oh god, 100% this. It happens in a really satisfying way in Burn After Reading.


you’ll love ben wheatley’s new turd by the look of it


I like when insignificant things turn out to be very significant


Yes! especially when the film goes back to a previous scene and because of everything you know now you watch it in a totally different way.

I cannot think of any examples of this right now.


There’s a Russian film called Night Watch about vampires (it’s actually called something in Russian). If you get the decent DVD/Blu-Ray version, the subtitles are all animated. So they’ll get swiped off the screen, or bleed away, shit like that. It’s a small touch, but awesome.

I also like it when animated food makes you want to eat it, even though it barely resembles food. Ghibli films are excellent at this. I think it’s the sound, and the way the characters tear it apart.


The part where they made explosives that were too powerful when all that was required was enough explosive force to remove the doors


Sixth Sense
Usual Suspects
No Way Out
Fight Club


Like the third series of League Of Gentlemen?


When actors are in the nip but there are very carefully arranged pieces of furniture to hide genitals e.g. the metal poles in the shower scene of Starship Troopers.


I know it’s not very fashionable to say it these days, but Austin Powers was brilliant for this kind of pun:


I like it when you see a film in the cinema, and there’s that moment of silence inbetween the trailers and the main film, where the screen gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

Even if I’m about to see something I know will be underwhelming, that bit still sends shivers down my spine every single time.


I like it when the ads are in “normal” aspect ratio - then the screen goes wide because it’s going to be wide panavision type of film

weirdly I also like it when films are not in a panavision

think I just like films quite a lot


I live it best when they Panaflex


I like to layers


I live it best when they Panaflex and Bradley Walsh guess down.


When the universal studio sound changes, like it did with hot fuzz


see also:


always liked the start of a few good men