Another film thread: insignificant things you like in films


The absence of Tom Hanks


Yes. And Scott Pilgrim.


So many good scenes in AFGM.
I like it when Markinson is shown putting on and arranging his dress uniform before he tops himself


it’s a fucking good film


Dinner L-P?
(it’s about time I reckon)


i think it is :slight_smile:


Love the ‘cooking in prison’ bit in Goodfellas! Also like the weird way Robert DeNiro pours the ketchup when they all go round to Martin Scorsese’s Mum’s house for dinner


great scene


remember when cinema screens had curtains? and they’d close and reopen after the trailers?

no neither do I because I’m young.

(do really - Noah? Balonz? Theo?)


I actually quite like the pre-credit production blurb thingsl. I enjoy guessing what the company is before their name pops up.


I like tapping the universal or 20th century fox themes on my gf’s arm, very slightly out of time with the film. She finds it bloody charming and hilarious, to boot


I hope she knows how lucky she is.


So do I


I like it when a character gets their hair shaved off and it’s being done to the actor for real. The only good thing about Batlad vs Superlad.


Possibly never felt sadder about being single than I do after reading that


Hell yeah
The Odeon and the ABC in Derby both had those. Other features of cinema going back in the day:

  • smokers being required to sit to the left of the auditorium
  • supporting pictures
  • interminable ads (often for local businesses) with a break for refreshments before the main feature
  • double bills
  • a woman walking up the aisle selling ice creams, popcorn and Kiora from a tray hanging round her neck
  • usherettes with torches who showed you to your seat


see also:


Don’t look where I’m pointing!


Guys, this is SO FUNNY.

I was thinking of starting a thread called “what’s your favourite film production company ident?”

I think mine’s either Aardman or Pathe. Or BFI. Or Film Four.


bountiful penis, amen