Another film thread: insignificant things you like in films


just do it to whoever’s sat next to/in front of you instead


Yep. The local ads were so terrible they looked like parodies. Bleached out pictures of a local curry house with the number in yellow Comic Sans underneath.

As someone with a tiny bladder who usually has to miss part of a film*, I always liked the intermissions.

*I went to the toilet during The Empire Strikes Back and I still don’t know who Luke’s father is.


It was John Torode.


A Few Good Men is one of the best films ever full stop

Just want to watch A Few Good Men Now


never realised they made a sequel


I love it in action films where you have a SWAT team or something sneaking up and they’re all completely silent and communicating with those weird hand signals.


Tagline : You STILL can’t handle the truth.


Used to love the generic “A Taste of India” curry restaurant ad

The same advert would get used all over the country (shots of the Taj Mahal, Indian women dancing etc) then a cut to a static card with a picture of the chintzy interior of a local restaurant and a voice (different to the voice you have heard up until that point) telling you to go the Ramadam’s in Swindon after the performance


A Few Good Men, the sequel: You can’t handle the Twoth.


When the film cuts to a shot of the HoP and Big Ben and ‘London, England’ appears on the screen. For a second there I thought we were in Ontario.


I was watching Stalker and I enjoyed when they’d say the words “professor” and “stalker” amidst the Russian words


the bit at the start of Alien 3 where the 20th Century Fox logo ends in this piercing, unsettling drone. that was genius.


Yeah, I do. My Dad would always say “Those curtains are a bit thin!” when you could see the film through them.


Always accompanied by a blast of Rule Britannia.


Love a good search on a fake internet search engine


Or when a film says “present day” and everything is mega dated or when they are a bit overly ambitious with future dates… Event Horizon for example -

2015 First permanent colony established on moon.
2032 Commercial mining begins on Mars.
2040 Deep space research vessel ‘Event Horizon’ launched to explore boundaries of Solar System. She disappears without trace beyond the eighth planet, Neptune. It is the worst space disaster on record.


Mate … all the good people did get shipped off to the Moon two years ago. It’s fucking mint up here.


Are you messaging us from the moon? Is that what’s happening right now? Wow.


Unhappy endings


Yeah sometimes they get it right but just the wrong location. Blade Runner depicts LA in 2019 as a rain-sodden, polluted, anxious, miserable nightmare but it could as well be Manchester in 2009.