Another film thread: insignificant things you like in films


Reminds me of the time I heard an American bloke shout, 'I'm in Leeds... England!' down the phone like he was in the Bourne Identity


Uh huh.


I like it when there's a picture of one of the characters when they were younger, and the actor has had to go round their mum's to find an old picture to bring in, so you get to see what a dweeb-o they were when they were young.

I enjoy a Wilhelm scream as well, I felt like I'd sussed out everything there was to know about the world when I noticed it was the same effect everywhere at the age of about 10. I will admit that finding out the name sort of ruined it a bit though.

Insignifcant things I don't like in films; fucking "secret bit" at the end of the credits.


Definitely rare to find a fan of porno opening credits I reckon.


A Few Good Men
2 Few 2 Good
The Few Good Men: Tokyo Drift
Few & Good
Fast Few


The Few Good & The Men