Another guessing game

What song was I just listening to that prompted the logistics manager to ask ‘what the fuck have you got on now? You don’t have listen to some nonsense’ For context, he’s mid-50s and ex-RAF.


10 German bombers

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No but that just came on actually.

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Korn. Adidas

Incorrect. My hunch was that you would guess this correctly first time for some reason.

Was it speakers or headphones?

(What I mean is: was he commenting based upon the sound, or based upon your reaction to it?)


Lorde. Louvre

Rage Against The Machine

Oh it’s a song: Bombtrack

Oh. I was hoping that he’d walked in on you vogueing in silence.

Billy Eilish?

No correct answers yet.

Charli XCX - New Shapes

is it that song that goes “WHAT’S she gonna look like with a chimney on her? :bell: :bell: :bell:, :bell: :bell: :bell:, :bell: :trumpet:!”


Unfortunately not.

Third Eye Blind - Their one song.

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Taylor Swift - All Too Well (10 minute version)

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