Another laptop thread for people

Ok friendos, I’m unexpectedly and suddenly in the market for a new laptop. Won’t be able to get it for a wee while but sure. Would pay up to £400 but would much prefer to be paying less than that. Would like to continue to emulate nes and snes games, and wouldn’t mind something that could handle a DAW. Appreciate that that’s quite a lot.

Was thinking of a chromebook with 4gb ram, but I’m worried about the really small hard drive space on it- 32gb storage seems awfully small, I would consider that too small for a phone these days. Could the solution just be keeping all my digital music on a hard drive?

Y e e t

a chromebook only does things you can do online, like it’s just a web browser with a keyboard. so unless you’re using an online DAW and emulator then it’s not going to be able to do those things.

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Hmm shit. That’s not what I thought they were. Back to the drawing board :upside_down_face: