Another Morning (Wednesday)

On a 730 train to Aberdeen. Very tired, very grumpy, no coffee, looks like it’ll be pouring today when I’ve gotta do outdoors stuff

Post nicer stories below thanks

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Oooo feeling a bit nervous. I’m talking at the world leadership summit for towns and cities at 9 :nauseated_face: Loads of big cheeses who actually know what they’re talking about.

Two tours today too. Then got some neighbours round later for curry and documentaries :nerd_face:


You’ll fit right in then!


This! Hope it goes great :muscle:


When i told the biggest cheese what I’d be covering his reply was


:yum: so he seems like a babe at least


Really fancy some cheese now.





WFH and parenting the youngest. Not gonna get much work done then.

Guess I’ll get up and go to work then

I do get to buy lunch ‘out’

Morning all!

I’ll be delivering The Child to holiday club again and then drinking coffee until pick-up, probably. I’ve got a new phone arriving at some point and if the weather isn’t terrible I might try to do the lawn.

Good luck with your respective cheese and granite events @anon45164313 and @JaguarPirate.


@jaguarpirate what’s happening in Aberdeen?

Netflix Witch GIF by Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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Not much


Day 2 of waking up with a thick head ache. Hoping it’s just pollen but making it hard to concentrate or think straight.

HUGE work deadline on Monday. Put in a cheeky holiday request to take Friday afternoon off yesterday. Audible gasp from my boss

Approved, albeit with a lot of effort to put in

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Stupid work office I have to visit and stupidly walk around and check the stupid signal of some new equipment works properly


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Sea views on the way though, non-stupid

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Are you going via Dundee? That’s a great journey, that is.

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Want to just play Stellaris all day and listen to new records I have, but I have to work. The indignity.

Get to go to the supermarket and then an orientation for a festival I’m volunteering at this weekend. Forecast is for rain so I’m excited to be outside for hours.

My partner’s at a family wedding in Ireland. She’ll be drunk by mid afternoon. I’m not jealous at all.

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