Another mysterious song sung in Czech.
This Czech version is from 1971. Do any of you know who originally sang this song in English?
The session log listed Webb as the author of the music.
Would Jimmy Webb? But of course it doesn’t have to be right.
The session log also mentions the possibly garbled English title “Time To Love Together”. But maybe those words are in the lyrics of the song. If Jimmy Webb was the author, the original performer would most likely be an American performer.
Or does the musical style rather indicate that it is European pop?

I got a tip that it might originally be a Cliff Richard’s song.
I can imagine Cliff Richard singing it in English. But which of his songs could it be?
I haven’t found it yet.

It seems strange (bizarre) to me that no one today remembers a song originally sung in English, which reached (then) socialist Central Europe and has a Czech version.