Another Request for London Pub Recommendations - Preferably along the Thames in Hammersmith, Fulham ,Putney area


Ideally open past midnight on a Friday, doing food and with a decent amount of open space…

Would consider a different area of London if you can recommend somewhere especially good that would fit the bill.

It’s for birthday drinks - think mid 30s age range so pretty calm.



The Coat and Badge used to be alright, but it looks like it’s had a makeover since I was last in there.

EDIT: shuts at midnight on a Friday though


I’m afraid we aren’t allowed any more London threads as per @laelfy :pensive:


The Bricklayer’s Arms used to be my favourite pub in Putney, but it’s not really appropriate for what you want, I don’t think.


It was more the generic ‘what should I do in london’ threads we were overdoing a little bit…


Quite like drinking by the thames, went to this place in Chiswick opposite Oliver’s Island last week:

And then ate at Annie’s which was nice:

Have also been here for a wedding reception in Hammersmith:


The Ship Inn in Mortlake was good when I went a few years back. Right next to the Thames as well


Yep, the Blue Anchor is a top place. The food is good as well.

Would also recommend the Mitre in Fulham - although that’s not beside the Thames.


It’s a bit further out, and it closes at 11pm, but I really liked the White Cross in Richmond. Right on the river, with a large outdoor patio overlooking the water.

Best avoided on days when there is something on at Twickenham though, as it gets rammed.


Or on rainy days when it’s flooded :grinning: It’s a beautiful part of London though, love sitting on the banks in the sun.


Very good point.

Image result for WHITE CROSS RICHMOND FLOOD|500x375


Quite nice being on the inside on days like that though.