Another ruddy monday thread


Hello chums. How’s your day looking?

I’m taking a few days off coffee, lord help me. Please let this be my last week in this job pleeease.

Anything happening?


Godawful night of sleep. Managed perhaps three hours of fitful rest. As a result am irritable af this morning. That and it feels like a cold may be approaching.

Thankfully, not much on today, just have to write a methodology document and probably field silly questions from people, then early finish to pick up the kids from school this afternoon.



Waiting to see if they need me to accompany a school trip, if not then it’s tidying and going to the tip. If do it’s a load of Year 5 at a youth conference.

Just had jam on toast for breakfast :bread:


I am hayfever
Sneeze sneeze sneeze sneeze itchy eyes
This is a haiku


Alright ezzer? I doubt you’ll want to hear this but just poured myself a big mug o’black coffee at work. Hoping it’ll prove medicinal because I seem to have caught a fucking cold. In summer. A cold.


I thought I’d gotten away with missing out on hayfever this year. I haven’t had so much as a sniffle.


Fuck’s sake.


I’m still in bed, got the morning off. Will probably end up having to do some work anyway.

I’m gonna try a week of going to sleep early, I’m fed up with being tired all the time.


Morning all!

I’m sat in a hospital waiting for my 5 day (9-5!) diabetes course to start. I don’t want to be here but I’ve cheered myself up by buying tickets last night and it being a bit sunny this morning.

Toast/ jam/ coffee was also my hashtag breakfasttip this morning @Slicky @Jeremys_Iron


morning everyone.

Received some feedback for my mid year review that says I can be negative at work.

Kind of want to kick off about it (Im only negative cos this guy is shit at his job) but that would be negative :confused: :joy:


Morning friends.

The wedding was amazing. Lots of money spent but in the right ways. Great food, lovely people.

Here’s the happy couple:

And this one of the bouquet throw came out pretty well:


Today I’m down again, need some coffee and food. The girl I’ve been 'maternity covering is back in today, somewhat dreading that…


:racehorse::x: :horse::white_check_mark:


Something is borked, here.



The first thought I had when I woke up this morning was “oh no”.


really really cba lads


I’m on holiday now for 6 weeks.




oh my god, please please go


Oof today’s gonna be a struggle. Give myself til 11 before i cave* and get coffee.

*shut it, epimer


FINE, I know when I’m not wanted.

Cokemachineglow is better anyway.


Morning all.

Currently in Manchester, having a pretty good time so far. First time I’ve spent more than a night out here. About to go for breakfast at Home Sweet Home, and then off round the museum/art galleries.